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As A USAF Veteran Myself, We Salute All  Military & K9 throughout The World!
K9, The USA Freedom Fighter!

& Hero/Puppy Power!
?? Justice For All ? - Justice For Puppies Worldwide JFPW Humanitarian Movement & Mission! We Are Wining! 

Honor, Loyalty, Sacrifice!
We Will Never Forget

What You Can Do To Stop Puppy Mill Cruelty
While there are responsible breeders out there, far too often the term ?breeder? covers for irresponsible and cruel puppy mills. These operations breed dogs strictly for profit, often with little concern for the well-being of the animals involved. Filthy conditions, unhealthy animals and packed cages are just a few reasons why these cruel operations should be a thing of the past. Fortunately, there are a number of actions you can take in your daily life to help end puppy mill suffering.

10 Ways You Can Help Stop Puppy Mills TODAY!
1. Be Wary of Pet Shops
2. Consider Adoption or Foster Care
3. For Purebred Puppies, Keep It Local
4. Wise Up About Puppy Mills and Local Breeding Laws
5. Spread the Word
6. Take It to the Media
7. Get Your Local Pet Shop On Board
8. Bring the Issue to the Legislative Level
9. Don?t Stay Silent About Puppy Mills and Animal Cruelty
10. Support Organizations Fighting to End Puppy Mills

Note: When WE shut down the Puppy Mills, It FORCES Pet Retailers To Lose Millions Of Dollars $,$$$,$$$.
Then, With Lack of Supply, The Pet Rescues / Humane Societies Climb To Success Rapidly, Because Pet Retailers & Others Adopt From Them. Then In Return Less Puppies Are Killed & The No Kill Zone Also Becomes A Success Because Of Adoptions from all levels.

PLS Read The JFPW Information Portal @ Against the Evil Doers Of Pet Retailers / Puppy Mills such as Petland Las Vegas ?Franchisee? of Petland Inc. ?Franchisor? who Knowingly & Unethically Sold Me A Sick Siberian Husky Zeus on 1-14-17!

Paws / Handshakes / Kisses /  Zeus

 It is our job, "ALL OF US" to protect  all animals across the USA &  Worldwide of their animal rights,  safety, security, and freedom! Lets  All contribute and make this planet  earth & all of Gods creatures &  humanity A Better Place To Flourish!
 Please Help! Please share and pass  this on to all your friends and  followers in this very important God  Given Mission and Movement!

 God Speed & Love!

 OMG, This will make you cry and give  you a better understanding and  awareness of the men and women  and their Dedication, Perseverance,  Resolve and Determination that the  "ALF" and the 1'000's of other  advocates like  m "JFPW" have in protecting the  puppies and animals in the USA and  Worldwide. 

Leona Lewis - Run
(A.L.F. Tribute)