Information Portal - Local / National Pet & Puppy Advocates Speak Out "For The Pets - Puppies"

Against  Pet Retailers Across America "Informing The World"

Much More To Come

Just Getting Started "Stay Tuned"

UTILIZING Their United States Bill Of Rights: First Amendment RIGHTS
"Freedom Of Speech, Press, & Peaceably To Assemble"

Photo's Obtained From Google & Animal Liberation Front

  When We "America" Stops Buying Puppies From Petland, We Then Cut The Cash Flow & Supply, Then The   Puppy Mills Will  Be Forced Closed "lack of Buyers", Then We Will Stop The problem That I Ran Into             When Petland Las Vegas "Franchisee" of Petland Inc. "Franchisor" Knowingly & Unethically Sold Me A       VERY Sick Siberian Husky Puppy :(

Then BAD Pet Retailers Are Forced Closed Because Of Unethical ACTS / Breaking Laws, Then The Pet Rescues Get More Business "Huge", and FINALLY

The No Kill Zone Becomes A Huge Success!

Justice For All - The People - The Puppies - The Heroes
FOR - Their Rights, Security, Safety, & Health Of The Puppies & Humanity