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Please Donate & Help Raise Money For J.F.P.W. Service Dog / Therapy Dogs National Training Center

I'm Proud to Be An American & A Veteran "USAF"

J.F.P.W. Service & Therapy Dogs National Training Center 

Together We Will Put Highly Trained Service Dogs & Therapy Dogs In The Hands Of Thousands Of American Citizens & Our Veterans Who Suffer From Disabilities & P.T.S.D.!

Also Our Dogs Will Help With Natural Disasters, Security, Care Homes "Sick & Elderly",  

Rehab Centers "Drugs, Alcohol, Suicide, P.T.S.D." & Much More

Proud To Serve America For Life!

J.F.P.W. Service & Therapy Dogs

National Training Center 

American Made State Of The Art Facility With Arena!

Creating Jobs!

Giving Back To Society!


Helping Our Veterans "Our Heroes"

Getting Puppies From Animal Shelters & Top Breeders!

All Suppliers, Manufavtures, & Training Gear, 

Made In The USA