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Stop Euthanizing Gods Creatures, it's inhumane & not right to kill Perfectly Healthy

Dogs / Animals / Cats!
They Are Family! They Have Gods Right To live! Change The Laws!

A. Who is at fault for the Epidemic Euthanizing Problem Throughout The USA In The Euthanizing Of Our Perfectly Healthy Puppies / Dogs / Cats & Animals!
1. United States Government County, City, State, & Federal ?laws & Funding!
2. Lobbyists
3. Bad Puppy / Pet Retailers
4. Capitalism / Greed
5. Bad Attorney's
6. Individual Pet Owners
7. Shelters / Pet Rescues
8. DVM - Doctor Medical Medicine Indirectly.
9. Puppy Mills
10. Breeders
11. Society

Note: Although all the above individual & group entities play a part of this Totally Epidemic Problem In The USA  of Euthanizing Perfectly Healthy Dogs / Animals / Cats!

B. You Can?t Stop  The Euthanizing Of Healthy Puppies / Animals, But It Can Be Limited & Controlled!

1. Wake Up America!
2. Get your animals spaded and or neutered
3. Adopt Don?t Shop! 
4. Close Down All Puppy Mills!
5. Change the business model of all pet retailers to sell rescues/shelter puppies/animals!
6. Re-write legislation and make it law on a National and State and federal basis to stop euthanizing perfectly healthy puppies/animals
7. Stop breeders from over stocking the streets with Puppies / Kittens / Animals!
8. Stop Buying From Pet Retailers!
9. Much More Stayed Tuned

Euthanizing Healthy Animals By Injection Is Legal Execution & Should Be Considered MURDER!

3 - 5 Million 100% Healthy Dogs/Cats/Animals Die In Shelters In America 

Every Year By Euthinization "Put To Sleep"! 

Why?  Not Enough Room In Shelters!


I Don't Understand Why I Must Die "Says The Animal"!

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