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Please Watch, The Reallity Of 100,s Of Dogs Who Die Every Day In Our Streets Without A Home!  
Please Help!
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Please Help SAVE Animal & Puppies Life's & Donate For Our USA / Worldwide Humanitarian Mission & Movement For The Security -
Safety - Health - Serenity Of The
Puppies and Humanity!  
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J.F.P.W. Is A Nonprofit
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Please Donate & Help Raise Money For J.F.P.W. Service Dog / Therapy Dogs National Training Center &
Help SAVE Animals & Puppies Life's!! They Are Dying Daily, Crying, Starving, Abused & Shaking!  They Need Your Help NOW!   Please,  From My Heart To Yours!

Justice For Puppies Worldwide "J.F.P.W." Is A Nonprofit!

Over  183,376  Followers / Friends Strong Throughout The USA & Worldwide on Instagram, FB, Twitter, Yelp, Meetup, Pinterest, LinkedIn &

Help J.F.P.W. raise $2 Million Dolors For J.F.P.W. Service & Therapy Dogs National Training Center Opening In The Fall Of 2019!  We Need Your Help ASAP!  This State Of The Art FAcility "American Made" With Arena!  J.F.P.W. Believes In Helping Humanity By Creating Jobs!  Giving Back To Society! J.F.P.W. Is A Non-Profit!  Helping Our Veterans "Our Heroes" Getting Puppies From Animal Shelters & Top Breeders! All Suppliers, Manufavtures, & Training Gear,  Made In The USA 

Also HELP J.F.P.W. Close Down Puppy Mills, Stop Animal Abuse & Puppy Stores From Selling Contagious/Sick Puppy's! Very Serious Out Of Control Problem!! PLEASE DONATE!

Puppies Are Dying Every Day In This Country & Around The World, Please Join The J.F.P.W. Worldwide Team With Your "Generous - Kind - From The Heart" Donation & Contribution So "WE" Together can Stop Puppy Abuse By Pet Retailers, Puppy Mills, and Dog Fight Clubs and Stop ALL Animal Abuse Worldwide! They Are Crying, Starving, Shaking, & Need Your Help Now! Please Tell All Your Friends, Family, & Co-workers To Join You In This VERY IMPORTANT Life Saving Worldwide Movement By Us "Over  183,376 Strong and Growing Rapidly" For The Puppies "Their Safety & Security" and Humanity! We Love You and Appreciate You! Thank You So Much! God Speed!

All Funds Raised Will Be Used For;
1.  The Building and Opening Of The J.F.P.W. Service / Therapy Dogs National Training Center!
2.  National Marketing Campaign
3.  Billboards Nationwide
4.  Local / National TV Spots - Cable News
5.  Local / National TV- Cable "Talk Shows"
6.  YouTube Development Of Videos
7.  Print Media/Internet Ads "All Types"
8.  Group Sessions With Puppy Advocates / Organizations "Local & National - Training - Tell Your Story" and Publicize!
9.  Obtain - Board Of Director Seats "Major Organizations"
10.  Prepare - Congressional Legislation, Positioning "Local, State, Federal" Legal Fees Etc.!
11. All Other facets / Operational levels of Organizational expansion of the JFPW Infrastructure, "Complete Overhead and Other Costs To Running A Full National/Worldwide Organizational Infrastructure Of Our Movement for JFPW. 
12.  Advancing Into As A Trainer Organization / Supplier of Service Dogs & Therapy Dogs For Veterans, The Sick, The Elderly, Rehabs "Drugs - Alcohol, Suicide Victims, Natural Disasters, Man Made Disasters & PTSD!  Buying & Training Dogs to be Service/Therapy Dogs!
13.  Demonstrations "Local/National"!

Below are all of the other websites for Justice For Puppies Worldwide Mission / Movement "Hundreds of pages and clicks to J.F.P.W. Information Portal!

Please Join The JFPW Team With Your "Generous - Kind - From The Heart." & " Donation & Contribution of  $25, $35, $45 and/or Your $$ Desire Amount & Please Tell All Your Friends, Family, & Co-workers!
Thank You So Much!
God Speed!

We The People! Justice for All - The Mission -
The Reality - The Movement - The Success

J.F.P.W. - The Information Portal To The World ? The Platform

Justice for Puppies Worldwide Is A Strong Advocate For Many Levels of Society & Organizations & Our 1st Amendment Constitutional Rights! 

J.F.P.W. - Believes In & Is A Advocate for the following;

1.  Advocate To Shut Down Pet Retailers Who Sell Sick Puppies!
2.  Advocate For America Against/Shut Down Puppy Mills & Dog Fight Clubs!
3.  Advocate Against Animal Abuse!
4.  Advocate For The Puppies - Dogs!
5.  Information Portal "Puppy Owners & Humanity"!
6.  Educator!
7.  Puppy Health Portal!
8.  Advocate For Support Of Service Dogs, Police Dogs & Military Dogs!
9.  Advocate For Pet Rescues & Adoption!
10.  Advocate For The Humane Society?s Organizations!
11.  Advocate For First Responders!
12.  Advocate For All Branches Of The United States Military "Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard, & Our Veterans, Our Heroes!
13.  Advocate for PTSD Organizations Supporting America & The People!
14.  Advocate for Service Dogs & Therapy Dogs For Veterans, The Sick, The Elderly, Rehabs "Drugs - Alcohol, Suicide Victims, Natural Disasters, Man Made Disasters & PTSD" & Advancing Into As A Trainer Organization / Supplier of Service Dogs & Therapy Dogs! 

Find Justice For Puppies Worldwide on;
Meetup "Local - Nationally Soon"

Much More "We Have Just Begun"

Thank you So Much for Your Support and Donation!

God Speed!
Jake Appel

We Thank You!  Puppy Love!